Does marijuana lower testosterone and sperm count?

I have always loved listening to debates regarding the legality of marijuana. But one day I have heard an argument which made me think that it is time to quit marijuana.

I have asked a few simple questions:

1. Does marijuana lower testosterone?

2. Does marijuana lower sperm count?

The answers to these questions are the reason why I stopped smoking weed.

Ganja attacks your hormones in plenty of negative ways, especially testosterone. Plenty of studies have been published recently, and all of them agree - smoking marijuana lowers testosterone.

One of the studies shows us that testosterone levels get lower after only one ganja cigarette. Men who have smoked weed have shown a sperm count 28 percent lower than males who don't smoke.

It is a common misconception that smoking weed is harmless fun. The science of marijuana isn't settled; there are many things about it that we don't know. Recently researchers have come out with plenty of evidence which links weed abuse with low sperm count.

This means that the active component found in marijuana (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) depresses the testosterone levels and causes fertility problems.

Ganja has recently been proven to decrease serotonin and increases norepinephrine. These alter the mood negatively, and prolonged use of weed may have permanent consequences.


You wouldn't want lifetime anxiety problems, would you? Even tho this doesn't influence testosterone directly; it can be said that an increase in stress would likely lower testosterone.

Not only does weed affect the semen negatively, but it also makes it high. This is why it is hard for sperm to reach its destination, which directly leads to infertility.

Males who smoke ganja have significantly lower ejaculate volume. Semen volume of a weed user is about half the male norm. It is obvious that the men who indulge in ganja deliver significantly fewer sperm. This doesn't mean that men who don't smoke are safe.

Research has shown that women who smoke the herb can expose the sperm to THC. Ladies who smoke weed have THC in their reproductive fluids, in their oviduct and cervix.

When the sperm enters their body, the THC found in it changes the sperm. If you are drug-free, be sure that your partner is too if you would like to have children one day.

To conclude, does marijuana lower testosterone, and does marijuana lower sperm count? The short answer is yes. But if you want to learn more, I suggest you to read some of the research yourself.

You will find detailed reports and researches conducted by the best people in the field, and you will find the same answer.

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