Smoking Weed After Working Out – 5 Negative Effects


I have noticed a trend among young people who love to exercise - many of them are fans of smoking weed after working out. Most of them say that it helps them relax after a hard day of exercising, but they fail to notice all of the negative effects smoking has.

1. Appetite

appetite after smoking weed

If you are trying to lose weight, then you shouldn't even consider smoking marijuana. It is a well-known fact that smoking ganja increases your appetite. Most of us call that intense food craving "the munchies." While having a big appetite could help some people, those who want to lose weight will fail their goal.

If you don't want to eat after exercising, ganja is a no-go!

2. Lack of Motivation

lack of motivation due to marijuana use

A study has been conducted at a few of London's colleges which showed that people who smoke marijuana have lower dopamine levels. Dopamine is linked to levels of motivation.

This means that smoking weed will make you feel less motivated for the next exercise. It might even make you less motivated to take a shower because you are "too relaxed to do it now".

3. Growth Hormone

Research has shown us that marijuana has a bad effect on body's production of growth hormone. If your goal is to build muscle mass, you need to work on increasing your growth hormone.

One way to do it is through diet and training, but marijuana lowers your growth hormone which leaves you nowhere. Muscle growth and recovery become difficult if you smoke ganja.

If the goal of your workouts is to gain mass and build muscles, quit smoking!

4. Testosterone

weed impacts growth hormone level

Marijuana does have negative effects on testosterone. Plenty of studies have been done regarding this subject, and many have proven that weed indeed decreases your testosterone.

If you are an athlete or a bodybuilder, or someone who simply enjoys exercising; you know how testosterone is important.

As a person who exercises often, I always want to keep going at my most optimal level. But, smoking marijuana prevents me from giving 100% because it lowers my testosterone.

If you are serious about working out, then you should also be serious about ditching weed.

5. Sleep Quality

Everyone who enjoys working out knows how important it is to sleep. Sleeping helps your body rest, and it is essential if you want to see the effects of hard exercise.

Even if you're not keen on exercising, getting a good night of sleep every day is a must!

The main problem is that weed impairs the quality of sleep. People who smoke weed experience non-restorative sleep, and they also feel sleepy during the day.

sleep quality after smoking weed

If having well-rested muscles is important to you, you should consider the fact that you need good sleep.

Good night of sleep won't be possible if you smoke ganja. It is for the best if you simply stop using marijuana, your body will thank you.

There are plenty of people out there who will tell stories about how marijuana has helped them work out. But they all forget the negative effects it has on them.

I have been in the same position they are in right now. I have lied to myself, but I am not ashamed to admit it.

Every addict has excuses, don't be one of them. Quit smoking pot and you will soon notice positive

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